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About Exit 90 on I-80 Truck and Trailer Wash

We would like to welcome you to our new truck wash and explain a few of the options offered to you that we feel will make us a desired resource.

Blue Beacon Truck Wash have been washing trucks for over 30 years and now have over 100 locations. Obviously they are doing something right. They offer a good wash at a reasonable price. We are all familiar with them and I feel they have set the “benchmark” for the truck wash industry.

How we are different:
We have elected to go with an “Automatic Gantry System.” This is a “frictionless” wash exactly like an automatic car wash. There are no brush marks or missed spots. We are able to offer a consistent wash every time.

The difference between a Gantry System and a drive thru wash: A drive thru is exactly that. You drive in and out, sometimes stopping for a light to change but for the most part it’s a non-stop drive thru. The doors need to be open on both ends and often the wash bay becomes a wind tunnel. When this happens the chemicals used to lift the dirt from your vehicle never reach your vehicle or don’t have 100% coverage.

With our gantry system your vehicle is parked in a closed environment. The gantry moves over your vehicle applying a pre-soak detergent in two separate passes. This is followed by a high pressure/high volume rinse pass using 300 gallons of water. This offers the consistency we have been trying to achieve. Our system puts high pressure nozzles vertically from 13’6” to the floor. Our system also gives a complete wash to the roof of the trailer.

We offer brushes to clean the sides of box trucks, hopper bottoms, trailers and van trailers. The brushes are air operated and will only touch the sides of your box trailer.

Our gantry offers you other options also:

Rinse Only:
We will give you our 300 gallon rinse with NO chemicals. The fleets that own a gantry call this the 50/50 wash. It looks great from 50 yards at 50 MPH. We feel this will be a great alternative to a $60.00 wash when it’s supposed to snow again in 4 days yet your vehicle is already covered in salt. view prices...