Exit 90 on I-80 Truck and Trailer Wash of Ottawa Illinois

































































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fax 815-587-6095


Exit 90 on I-80 Truck and Trailer Wash, Inc. is in full compliance with all EPA regulations.


  • Under carriage wash (tractor & trailer)
  • Tractor Wax
  • Trailer Wax
  • Spot Free rinse (tractor only)
  • Spot Free rinse (tractor & trailer)
  • Pressure Wash Motor
  • Deck Plate, fenders, fuel tanks, wheels, battery box brightened

Trailer Services

  • Trailer Washouts
  • Van / Reefer
  • Dumps
  • Pneumatics
  • Liquid Trailers
  • Aluminum Brightening
  • Dump Trailers
  • Pneumatic Tanks

Other Services

  • Horse Trailers
  • Cattle Trailers
  • Motor Home
  • Bus
  • Dooleys, 1 Ton Vans
  • Tandem Axle Dump trucks
  • Pickups
  • Cars

Tractor Wash Only

Day Cab (automatic gantry)

Sleeper (automatic gantry)

Hand Washed (no gantry)

Trailer Wash Only

Dry Van/Box Trailer (auto gantry)

Tanker (auto gantry)

Car Hauler

Flat Bed (auto gantry)

Cattle Trailer

Tractor / Trailer Wash

Tractor / Van (auto gantry)

Tractor / Dump Trailer (auto gantry)

Tractor / Hopper Bottom (auto gantry)

Tractor / Tank (auto gantry)

Construction Vehicles with Extreme Dirt

Tractor / Cattle Trailer

Other Type Vehicles

Extra Dirty Vehicles (ALL TYPES)

Tandem Axle Dump Truck (auto gantry)

Large Box Truck (auto gantry)

Small Box Truck (auto gantry)

Large Garbage Truck (auto gantry)

Small Horse Trailer Only (single axle)

Large Horse Trailer Only (two axles)

Small Horse Trailer with Pick Up

Large Horse Trailer with Pick Up

Motor Home (includes wax, spot free, under carriage)

Motor Coach Large (includes wax, spot free, under carriage)

Dooleys, 1 Ton Vans (includes wax, spot free, under carriage)

Pick Up Trucks (includes wax, spot free, under carriage)

Cars (includes wax, spot free, under carriage)

Additional Services

Engine Wash

Brightener Per Wheel & Tank

Under Carriage Tractor Only

UC Tractor & Trailer

Tractor Wax

Tractor & Trailer Wax

Spot Free Tractor Only

Spot Free Tractor & Trailer

Van or Reefer Washout

Hopper Bottom Washouts

Dump Trailer Washouts

Pneu Washout (Silica Sand)

Pneu Washout (Limestone Light)

Pneu Washout (Limestone Heavy)

Pneu Washout (Carbon)

Liquid Tank (Fuel)

Liquid Tank (Fuel)

Liquid Tank (Sodium Silicate)

Liquid Tank (Other)

Heels (Product Dumped)

Small Tub

Large Tub

Tractor Bucket

WEATHER MAX (Additional to vehicle wash fee)

Total price for washouts will be determined after the washout.

Weather Max Wash
Price includes: Complete wash including engine wash undercarriage wash, brighten fuel tanks, wax and spot free rinse on tractor and trailer plus the guarantee.

If you purchase our Weather Max Wash, we will guarantee it for 24 hours if you run into a rain or snow storm. Bring your truck back within 24 hours of the time punched on the ticket and we will wash it again for FREE!